Demons Wake

The Quickening
A damsel in distress exposes a door to another world

Imagine an america, roughly 1955. This isn’t our world, but you might recognize it. Men still wear suits, and women still wear hats. The world is dark, noir, art deco. Beautiful industrial design has built this countries cities into a kind of retro-future.

The country is much less populace than our own. Dust bowl farmers struggle in Oklahoma and Kansas.

Father Leo and Buck have both found themselves in New Orleans under the direction of local drunken priest, and Brotherhood of the Opal Cross lieutenant Father Loic St Martin. He has given up on the town which is largely controlled by the puppets of demons. Unsure of what to do with the two of them, Father Loic rustles around on his desk and finds a letter from a group of traveling gypsies. The Gypsies have long generational ties to the Brotherhood of the Opal Cross. The report is that they’ve left a town where a strange man was spotted. The man matched the description of a fugitive hunted by the church for 15 years.

The man disappeared with 2 children. Twins, a boy and a girl (now 17) were abducted, and an entire church of parishioners was killed.

Investigation check DC 18 or Local History DC 20 will turn up more about the event. A local protection spell backfired when Randal Everston replaced sacred texts with a summoning spell that misfired. Power that he expected to flow to him went instead to the boy child, and the released demon swarm killed all the parishioners.

The report is a long-shot, and it’s in the ass end of no-where Kansas (the edge of what could be considered Loic’s influence), so he sends the new “recruits” while he figures out what to do with them.

Father Leo has found himself in NO because of his interest in the occult, and it’s status as the cutting edge of the battle.

Hornbuckle is there to escape some nastiness in the north east, and to get his ass to the front line of this battle. The church has given up on the teritory – refusing to send support. This is what brought Hornbuckle. He thinks of the city as kin to him.

Two of them travel to a small town to see if they can rescue the kidnapped children. Following the Gypsy lead they make their way to a small out of town farm.

Meanwhile local country rube Jimmy

A Homecoming
The characters establish a foothold in New Orleans

Each of the characters is finding their footing in their new city of New Orleans. Jimmy gets himself a car, and rents an apartment, Leo banters with his loony landlord lady, and Hornbuckle gets into a little trouble to keep the taste of sin in his mouth.

Each character keeps up with Father Loic in their own way. He gives them assignments, and keeps them in walking around money by funneling them cash from his various slush funds and business in occult indulgences.

One dark and stormy night he calls them all in to his offices with some urgency. He’s gotten word through one of his contacts in the occult world that a world famous library is coming up for sale. The secret stash of books has been in a local blue blood family for many years (it has become a burden for the last known living member of the family). The books came to the ancestor of the family when his pirate ship attacked the vesel transporting it for the aristocratic family who’d purchased it in Europe.

The PCs travel to an old Painted Lady victorian house in a nearby neighborhood. There Loic and a Real Estate agent meet with the last scion of the pirate clan/blueblood family to sign a contract for the possession of the house.

Cut Scene

Sargent Jon Shore sends a handful of his brainwashed minions to capture or destroy the house. He calls a group of men away from a Klan rally they’re attending and compels them to attack. Their souls slip from their bodies, and they travel to the location of the showdown.

The PCs become alerted to the advancing mind controlled thugs and the battle commences. Leo is searching the house, and finds himself in the library upstairs. Father Loic rushes upstairs as Jimmy and ’Buckle protect the perimeter of the house. 2 waves of the mindless thugs approach and more seem to be coming. Father Loic and Leo search the library desperately for a solution that will protect the house.

As the PCs battle away the Real Estate Agent and the aristocratic woman shelter in the center of the house.

Leo is eventually able to raise a protective barrier around the house using a book of protection magic.

That night Loic initiates the 3 PCs into the Brotherhood of the Opal Cross. Each member he gives a bracelet that imparts a +1 bonus to Wisdom saves.


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